Customer Retention Program

All brands are invited to respond to the complaints by

subscribing to the basic application. CORE Centre offers

partnership to select large companies to help them retain

their customers and build their brand around unique

customer retention strategies as developed by us.

Basic Subscription:

  • Brands can have basic subscription by having single user license, which allows them to respond to the published complaints as part of the redressal. To subscribe, contact us at and we will create your account within 48 hours.
Premium Subscription: Customer retention program
  • Subscribe to comprehensive "Customer Retention Program", which offers multiple benefits. In addition to redressing the complaint, the platform can be used to deepen the trust of consumers in your products and services. The package consists of subscription to multi-user licenses, which connects various customer care executives at different locations, handling different types of complaints and/or products with the consumers. Also, it offers tracking and maintaining the entire MIS at a single point.
    Consultancy on deeper insights into consumer issues to help brands do effective communication with consumers
  • Research data to help strengthen your product /service offering and streamlining of sales, distribution & customer care initiatives
  • Online platform allows brands to connect with consumers to run campaigns to educate consumers to use their products and services more effectively
  • Partner companies gets to participate in media activities of Core Centre

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